Artesanos de la Unidad network hosted a seminar on heritage and common identities

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  3. Artesanos de la Unidad network hosted a seminar on heritage and common identities

The interdisciplinary event concluded on Thursday and was an instance of dialogue between students and researchers from Universidad Católica Boliviana, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. The Presidents of the three universities participated in the showcase of the journal “Ciencia y Cultura” in a joint edition dedicated to Andean fabrics.

The event included a fraternal greeting to the National President of the UCB, Marco Antonio Fernandez by the presidents of UC and PUCP. Other authorities of our university also participated in this event, among them the UC Director of Research, María Elena Boisier; the Vice-President for International Affairs, Lilian Ferrer and the Vice-President for Research, Pedro Bouchon.

With the purpose of generating a debate on the concept of heritage and how it becomes a relevant aspect in the cultural and identity recognition of the communities in the South Andean zone of the Americas, researchers from “Artesanos de la Unidad” network organized this international seminar that was transmitted online during four days.

“We are convinced that these are key and very enriching initiatives, as they share the same vision of common problems to Andean countries (Bolivia, Chile and Peru) and bring together a large number of scholars with common interests and areas of research, producing very prolific synergies with impact for societies”, stated UC President, Ignacio Sánchez.

Read the full note (in Spanish) at web UC.