Created by seniors using mathematics, the exhibition Hyperbolic Reef comes to MAVI UC

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  3. Created by seniors using mathematics, the exhibition Hyperbolic Reef comes to MAVI UC

“Hyperbolic Reef” is a mix of geometry classes and crochet workshops. It is inspired by the worldwide project “Crochet Coral Reef” by Christine and Margaret Wertheim and the Institute For Figuring, located in Los Angeles, California. The initiative is financed by the Emian Foundation, and was a crossroads of arts and sciences, hand in hand with the UC Faculty of Mathematics and the Cientifica 60+ project.

The sample brings together 300 pieces of mathematical accuracy, made in crochet fabric by older people. Credits: Karina Fuenzalida.

“Hyperbolic Reef”: geometry, corals and crochet is a kind of journey where mathematics moves away from its merely technical side to use theorems that gave rise to natural forms, reflecting the curves and folds of the seabed. This exhibition brings together more than 300 pieces made in crochet fabric by older people, who during October 2021 were encouraged to participate online in this creative experience. The activity was carried out by Científica tu Casa 60+ and the Faculty of Mathematics, with the collaboration of the Office of Research, the Older Adult Program of the Catholic University, Fundación Más and Travesía 100. The result of this work, which had a second face-to-face version from the San Joaquín Campus this year, can currently be seen in the exhibition inaugurated this December 21 inside MAVI UC.

“For the UC, the visibility and support of the elderly is a core issue. We are involved in Fundación Conecta Mayor, in the Líderes Mayores initiative, and numerous projects with this public role, such as the Center for Old Age and Aging Studies , Camina 60+ and today with this experience of Científica tu Casa 60+.In this context, the exhibition Hyperbolic Reefs arises, a collective project aimed at older people, and it is thanks to this initiative that we can now appreciate the geometry and beauty of the mathematics present at the bottom of the sea. Here there is a union between science and art that is very interesting, and that would not have been possible without the work of the weavers who developed their talents in this exhibition”, said UC rector Ignacio Sánchez during the opening of the exhibition at MAVI UC.

“Being with a new person, laughing or talking, is super important. One can learn to knit online, but the fact that it is in person, with people who have the same concerns or difficulties as one, is super good. I really liked the mix of crochet with geometry. I find the work wonderful”, a participant in this initiative, Yenny Fernández.

Read the full note at UC Chile Website.