University of Technology Sydney visits UC for research collaboration agreement

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  3. University of Technology Sydney visits UC for research collaboration agreement

Led by the UTS Vice Chancellor for Research, Glenn Wightwick, the three-day visit had as its main objective to develop advances related to the “Key Technology Partnership” program, to which UC joined in 2015.

This key technology partnership (KTP) focuses on associated work and may include: research collaboration, including the promulgation of research results; exchange of academic and professional knowledge; co-supervision of research students; acquisition of research funds; research exchange programs; joint centers of excellence; and industry partnerships in Australia and the UK.

The relationship between the two universities has been strengthened through the signing of the KTP, which seeks to facilitate the undertaking of collaborative activities in research and mobility between students and academics.

In this context, the delegation of researchers and UTS authorities met with different authorities of the Vice-Presidency for Research Office and UC peers in private and groupal manner during presentations, knowledge exchange meetings, visits to different campuses and faculties of our University and closing meetings.

UTS and UC have a shared commitment to academic excellence, and complementary strengths in research and innovation. They understand the contribution that both institutions make to the economic and social well-being of their societies and recognize their duty to create opportunities to enable their staff and students to reach their full potential.

The KPT will allow UC -the first key technological partner of UTS in Latin America- to develop future instances and cooperation agreements in research around topics of very high relevance for the University and for Chile, with one of the vanguard countries in investigative topics.

“During this visit, our academics have met with their colleagues in life sciences, health, engineering, information technology, sports and exercise science, chemistry, pharmacy and sustainability; to discuss and develop detailed plans for research collaborations, joint doctorates, and industry engagement; and I am absolutely blown away by UC’s passion, enthusiasm and commitment in all of these areas, ”said Wightwick.

“We are confident that working with Universidad Católica will bring enormous benefits to our research and opportunities for our students and academics at UC and UTS,” said the Vice Chancellor for Research at the Australian university.

University of Technology Sydney was founded in 1988 and currently has more than 42,000 students, more than 10,000 graduate students, and 1,720 research students. They also have 12,000 foreign students and 380 agreements with more than 50 countries.

It is a world-class intensive research university, dedicated to practical innovation and the development of impact-based research that benefits industry and the community at large.