Successful space for dialogue with Postdoctoral Researchers

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Last Monday, June 18th, the Welcome Day for Postdoctoral Researchers Fondecyt 2018 was held, organized by the Executive Office, Research Affairs Office and the University’s Internationalization Agreement.

More than 40 postdoctoral researchers gathered at the Bralic Auditorium of the Faculty of Mathematics, located in San Joaquín Campus for an event where the main objective was to provide a warm welcome to new postdoctoral researchers.

The Vice-President for Research Affairs, Pedro Bouchon, gave the attendees the first welcome and presented the vision of the Vice-Presidency Office on postdoctoral research and reported on the benefits that the university offers to postdoctoral students.

Next, Cristián Orrego, Lawyer of the Department of Immigration of the Ministry of the Interior detailed and answered questions about the type of Visas that must be processed and how the Immigration Department provides support to Postdoctoral Researchers in Chile.

Alfonso Cruz, Executive Director of the Copec-UC Foundation, presented the funding opportunities for postdocs provided by this foundation that supports and promotes scientific-technological research to generate high-impact innovation in society.

From the Research Ethics and Safety Unit, Andrea Leisewitz, Ethics-Bioethics Coordinator delivered the main ethical evaluation processes conducted by UC, and the management, advice and training provided by his Unit.

There was also time for questions from the postdoctoral researchers who addressed their concerns and queries to Germán Gómez, representative of Postdoctoral Researchers in the UC University Forum, who presented “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” of being a Postdoc at UC; and Jorge Rojas and Pamela Fernández, Postdoctoral Research Advisor and Director of Executive Office from the Vice-President’s for Research Affairs Office, respectively, the main organizers of the event.

“The purpose of this activity was to welcome new postdoctoral researchers and create a space for dialogue so that this postdoctoral community could share and clarify any doubts they had, and it was achieved,” said Jorge Rojas. “It is part of the interaction that we are conducting from the UC Internationalization Agreement with organizations related to visas, consulates and embassies, the Foreign Ministry, the Department of Immigration and Fondecyt itself, performing procedures, coordinating and providing legal guidance to postdocs, which represents for them substantial time savings and a reduction in their levels of paperwork and concern ”.

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