La Tríada launches a specialized business program for Latin America

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  3. La Tríada launches a specialized business program for Latin America

“Doing Business in Latin America” is the name of the program launched by La Tríada and which is available online through the Coursera platform.

In order to contribute to the creation of successful business strategies in the region, the Universidad Católica de Chile, the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (Mexico) and the Universidad de los Andes (Colombia) launched the first specialized massive, open and online program, “Doing Business in Latin America”.

A program made up of three courses, prepared by different professors and researchers from these institutions, which is available through the Coursera platform. The launch was made at the Universidad de los Andes in a new meeting of La Tríada.

First, those who take the course will be able to know the political, social and cultural context for doing business in Latin America, with a global and historical perspective. In addition to understanding the industries and their business models.

The course Designing a business strategy, will help to understand the potential, the challenges and the socio-economic and institutional characteristics of the region.

The final part will be essential to understand the domestic and international competitive advantage of large Latin American companies and to identify challenges to sustain superior economic performance.

No prior knowledge is required to complete the program. It is aimed at those who want to start business ventures in the region and at professionals or company executives who want to expand their knowledge.

La Tríada’s commitment is aimed at building knowledge based on the reflection of the person taking the course, their experience and collaboration with others. Thus, the three courses will have a combination of videos, readings, practical exercises and self-evaluating tests.

The content and the courses are freely accessible, but the certification does have a cost. To be certified, you must verify your identity, present the mandatory evaluations, reach the minimum percentage to pass the course and pay for the certification on the platform.